Sometimes I need encouragement and a reminder. I am stronger than my excuses. I will achieve greatness. I will learn a lot along the way. No excuses can stop me!

Weigh in Wednesday (technically my weigh in day is Sunday but I’m obsessed right now, no lectures about fluctuation please) has me 9 lbs down since my start less than two weeks ago. Though I’m not a slave to the scale and eventually I’m going to have my husband hide it, a little push is good for me this early on. The funny thing is, had I been the same or gained I would still be happy because I know that I am building muscle in the process and muscle burns more calories.

Have a great Friday Eve lovelies!


3 thoughts on “Achieve

    1. YES!!! I’m going to measure at the end of this 21 Day Fix (which will be my starting measurements for Focus T25 since I am starting it the day after I finish). I can’t want to see what my 21 day results are and I think that’ll pump me up for the next 10 weeks!


      1. Awesome!! I know measurements get me motivated in a huge way, since those have nothing to do with water weight or such, but pure fat loss and muscle gain 🙂 I can’t wait to see your progress!!


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