Hello Monday!


This weekend was definitely something. A lot was accomplished, but some things were forgotten. Forgotten? Nah, in the case of my yoga workout from yesterday I would say it was more put off than forgotten. Not intentionally I had so much going on that I just never got to it. *sigh* I have to be honest, I could have done it when i got out of bed at 6:30 am. I could have done it before the many excursions out of the house that I made yesterday. I could have even done it when I got back home. However, between school shopping with/for my daughter, grocery shopping, going on a hunt for hair things with my friend, and painting my chair, I literally ran out of day and by the end I was exhausted.

(Obligatory chair shot; it needs one more coat to be perfect in my eyes.)


So getting back on topic, this is doubles weeks for my workout plan (The 21 Day Fix) and instead of being afraid of the challenge, I am going to do the doubles option. However, today I WILL also do my yoga from yesterday. So three! THREE workouts today. I can do this! 7 more days and I will have successfully completed my FIRST challenge. Then on to the next.

On another note, my eating was good over the weekend. I had Shakeology both days first thing in the morning (it helps to curb my cravings when I have it in the mornings).Temptation is always right in my face it seems. Especially when my friend’s daughter has a birthday gathering where I have to make an appearance, if for no other reason but to drop off my daughter. I walk into the kitchen at her house to multiple packs of cookies, cakes, pies, potato chips, homemade queso dip, tacos, the list goes on and on. I had to escape that. And I did with NO damage. As much as I wanted to grab an Oreo (if you know me then you are aware that milk likes Oreo’s about 10% less than I do), try the queso, and kick back with the teens I RAN. I went home and made shrimp tacos for my husband and myself and we enjoyed watching television together during our quite night at home. Crisis avoided, this time.

I kept telling myself that I am what I eat and I don’t want to be cookies and cakes that only temporarily satisfy, I want to be healthy and here for the long haul. I will say that I can’t WAIT until feel like I’ve come far enough to have a cheat meal every now and then. Until then I’ll be chowing down on clean foods as much as possible. I think that next week when I start Focus T25 I may have to reevaluate my eating. I think with the intensity of the cardio I’ll have to adjust from the 21 day fix containers. I’ll start with them and adjust if necessary.

How was your weekend? Did you have any challenges? Miss a workout? Add a workout? Miss a meal, have a cheat meal or day? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time lovelies



3 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. you did amazing with your will power!! Great job avoiding putting any of that into your mouth! I love that you made no excuses for not doing your yoga, but you did have a busy day and are moving forward. I think you’re doing great and you will beat this challenge for sure!


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