Life… A Spectator Sport?

Working for change, stepping outside the box, doing something different. Different. DIFFERENT. That word scares me. That word scares many people.

When you strive for something other than you have, be it health and fitness, education, promotion, whatever, there will be onlookers. People who will stand on the sidelines and just observe. They won’t interact, comment, or interfere but they are watching. Intently. And waiting for something to happen. Anything. Some of them are secretly rooting for you. Some are even hoping you succeed. Others are hoping that you do not succeed because in your failure they rejoice or they resolve not to attempt change themselves.

I had this epiphany yesterday morning (I started writing this yesterday) because I post and post on my Facebook fitness page just so I don’t overload my “friends” on my regular page with my fitness journey. (typing this I realize how screwed up this logic is).

But I have people who follow the page and sometimes click the like button, but majority of them do not interact. My success won’t be affected by the lack of interaction but I am screaming for accountability partners everywhere I go! Seriously. At work, at the grocery store, everywhere. I am determined to accomplish these goals. My determination may help someone on my way, and in turn maybe they’ll interact and encourage, comment and rejoice in triumph with me. I want us all to reach the top and we can whether it is individually or all together!

I guess it’s frustrating to know that some people aren’t ready for a change. I’m going to keep on trucking and make sure they know I’m here when they are ready.

Until next time lovelies!


3 thoughts on “Life… A Spectator Sport?

  1. I love this! Sometimes it easy to just hit “like” and go on, but I do read posts and comment if I have something to say. It is sad that some hope for failure, but that is their issue. You are doing great! Keep up the journal if it’s helping YOU…if it helps other then that is an added bonus 🙂


    1. Thanks!! It does help me, especially when I am having a hard day or I overcame something that would have set me back previously. I know that if nothing else I am being accountable to myself. I just know that sometimes I need a little push to keep going. Fortunately people like you are stepping in to do that.

      I guess part of my frustration was because I definitely get more interaction from total internet strangers than those who I am close to. It is a sad truth that I have to accept that there are some people who don’t think this time I’ll do anything more than what I’ve tried before, or that my attempt is futile. However, there are some people quietly rooting for me on my journey (at least I hope they are). I just hoped I’d have some company while I tread through this.


      1. I understand completely! For those who doubt you, just prove it, but not for them, for you. I have so many family and friends that don’t eat healthy and never exercise therefore they don’t understand why I am so eager to get healthy like this. I don’t let that bother me and it’s people like you who have the same mindset is why I started journaling.

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