What a week!

And just like that it is Thursday. 


I guess I have been so consumed with ensuring that I post my videos on my Give it 100 page that I haven’t finished a thought on my blog on the day I intended to. I have started so many drafts this week it is amazing. 

For now I’d like to touch on consistency. I tend to lack consistency in some aspects of my life. I start 1000 projects at the same time with fervor that dies down ever so slowly until it comes to a point where I wonder if I’ll ever finish them. Case in point, remember that chair I told you about? Well my chair is still sitting in my garage unfinished. I take on so much and end up overwhelmed by the tasks that I decide to do, then I fizzle and burn out. My steam only lasts so long. 

Well this time I will NOT allow my fire to dim. I will continue to push through this fitness journey and I will be victorious in the end. That is one of the reasons for this blog right. For me to keep my accountability and focus on being consistent. Well I got it. I’m giving it my all and I’m even going to finish that chair this weekend. Yup. I’ll post about it Monday!

Have a great Thursday Lovelies



One thought on “What a week!

  1. I am the same way…I have 1000 things going all at once and I never seem to finish. I think the whole point of this is not quitting, even if I have to start over. If I do quit, then I fail, if I start over I’m still pushing to change!


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