Emotional eating is an issue that I have. Many people do. What do you do to curb that when dealing with things in life that get you down? I am dealing with the death of a very close family member and I am doing everything I can not to derail my efforts. I have to say that I haven’t succeeded today. I’ve had a handful of mini candy bars and a small bag of cookies.

How do you handle times like this?


2 thoughts on “HELP!!

  1. I also just lost a loved one last week. It helped me a bit to think of him, and his lifestyle (which was very active and healthy). I also allowed myself treats but limited myself a bit with them (don’t go hog wild!). I also – and this was the big one for me – went out and did active things by myself not in the gym. I went for a long walk, a long bike ride… all gave me time to think, reflect, cry, smile, and start the grieving process without sitting on a couch and marathon eating. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am back home from my trip “home” and I’ve done a lot better with my eating. I’ve also worked out once today with intentions to do another later when I get home from work. I was so distracted and absent. But I didn’t do much damage. The scale didn’t move up. It didn’t move down either, but at least I don’t have any regrets!


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