Tried something new

My daughter and husband love Mexican food. No really, they do. If they could eat it everyday I’m sure they would. I love it too, not as much as they do, but it is yummy. Some of the fixins for Mexican food aren’t really friendly to someone who is on a journey to lose weight. Nope, not the cheese, the flour tortillas, or the fried chips. Doesn’t work for me. So I decided to find an alternative that would work for me and that my family would love.

Last night I made spaghetti squash taco bowls. My daughter was afraid at first, but then she dug right in.

I roasted the squash on Sunday so I wouldn’t have to wait for it. I tried a crock pot method to cook one last week and it was awful. It was mushy and ugh and I won’t do that again. Ruined it for me.

So yesterday I got home from work, took out the squash and shredded the insides with a fork while I preheated the oven to 350.


Covered it with ground turkey/ground beef mixture that I also cooked on Sunday.


Added some cheese (forgot to take a picture of that step). And popped it in the oven for 30 minutes. Then I cut it not really in half and topped it with some salsa, 0% fat Fage Greek yogurt, tapatio hot sauce, and black olives because I love them.


It was delicious and my daughter and I both devoured our “half”.


What have you tried that’s a new spin on something you love?

Have a terrific Tuesday Lovelies!!



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