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Progress and Release


Well there it is. For the world to see. The top photo is from August 18, the day I started doing the Focus T25 workouts. I have had many trials through the program including redoing week 4 because I had a death in the family and had to travel to Ohio. But here I am 11 weeks later in the bottom photo taken this morning. Alpha and Beta complete, Gamma started today. My goals are more important today than ever before. Stronger, slimmer, and more confident. I was so hesitant to post this ANYWHERE online. Even my “closed”, “secret” Facebook groups. I felt afraid of judgement and ashamed of my body. Then I realized that I have absolutely NOTHING to feel that way for. I have made mistakes. I have fallen. I have failed. But I have also gotten back up, risen, and conquered the many things that I allowed to hold me back. This should be a moment that I take to feel great about myself and my progress. We all start somewhere. We all have a journey. Here is part of mine so that it might help to inspire or motivate, or give hope to someone else who is out there thinking about doing something to change themselves and wondering will they succeed. Will they make it? Will they fail? The first step is usually the most difficult. This was my first step to total transparency. I pray that it inspires someone, helps someone, motivates someone.

Have a great day!





Why do we wait for January 1 to change the things we don’t like about our behavior or habits? Resolve to change today and come January 1 it’ll be a habit. You can become a new you any day of the year, all it takes is realization and growth.

Have weight loss goals? Savings goal? Family goal? Why wait 2 months? Jump right in today. Start by making small changes. A snowball rolling downhill today is an avalanche tomorrow.


I started in July because I had to. My brother fell ill and at 35 and the issues he has are very scary. There are far too many hereditary diseases in my family to continue to let my health remain at risk. I have to be proactive if I don’t want to end up on medication for the rest of my life. The road is slow. I don’t always eat right, I don’t always do my workouts but I’m still here, still going. In my previous attempts I would have given up already. My resolution EVERYDAY is to keep going on my journey.

Happy Wednesday!

Tried something new

My daughter and husband love Mexican food. No really, they do. If they could eat it everyday I’m sure they would. I love it too, not as much as they do, but it is yummy. Some of the fixins for Mexican food aren’t really friendly to someone who is on a journey to lose weight. Nope, not the cheese, the flour tortillas, or the fried chips. Doesn’t work for me. So I decided to find an alternative that would work for me and that my family would love.

Last night I made spaghetti squash taco bowls. My daughter was afraid at first, but then she dug right in.

I roasted the squash on Sunday so I wouldn’t have to wait for it. I tried a crock pot method to cook one last week and it was awful. It was mushy and ugh and I won’t do that again. Ruined it for me.

So yesterday I got home from work, took out the squash and shredded the insides with a fork while I preheated the oven to 350.


Covered it with ground turkey/ground beef mixture that I also cooked on Sunday.


Added some cheese (forgot to take a picture of that step). And popped it in the oven for 30 minutes. Then I cut it not really in half and topped it with some salsa, 0% fat Fage Greek yogurt, tapatio hot sauce, and black olives because I love them.


It was delicious and my daughter and I both devoured our “half”.


What have you tried that’s a new spin on something you love?

Have a terrific Tuesday Lovelies!!


Well I meant to…

I didn’t post my challenge results. *sigh* after starting Focus T25 yesterday morning (after I took my measurements, comparison photo, and weight) I had to recuperate for a loooonog while before I got ready for work. Which meant that I was rushing in the end and it just dawned on me that I didn’t post.

Whoops! Well here it goes.


Total 21 Day Fix loss is 12lbs and 9 inches overall.

I think that deserves a pat on the back.

Keep on pushing lovelies! We can do this.


The weekend…

Cheers to it. I try to enjoy mine to the fullest and this weekend was no different.

Friday I decided to try something that I had seen (and pinned on Pinterest) countless times. Sweet Pepper Nachos… Most recently I saw them here on Sam’s blog, (Strong not Skinny), and vowed to try them soon.

SO here is my process. Note the black olives that I forgot to use when it came down to making my plate. I used about a bag and a half of the peppers but only ate about half of that. My daughter came in and finished the rest off, both the chips and the peppers. Guess marching band camp is super intense and creates savage hunger.


I started with chicken breast tenderloin and a little coconut oil in the pan.


While those were browning I cleaned and split my sweet peppers.


About this time I almost gave up. Good grief it seemed like it took FOREVER.


I kept going and got the chicken cooked too. Then I put in the chicken into my KitchenAid mini food processor. I wanted to create more of a ground texture than a shredded texture to the meat.


It came out all nice and “ground” lol.


I added some taco seasonings and some Tapatio. Then I went to work on the hubby’s scoops,


and my peppers.


Halfway through this I almost gave up again. I feel like I’m far too meticulous when it comes to cooking sometimes. The “ground” chicken had to be placed perfectly inside each pepper half.

         wpid-20140815_203228.jpg wpid-20140815_203225.jpg

I sprinkled each set of nachos with a little cheese and baked for about 15 minutes.

Then I arranged a little more than half the peppers on the plate, topped them with a generous portion of shredded lettuce, some pico de gallo, some low fat sour cream and went to town! The hubbs got the same on top of his scoops, in addition to jalapenos.

It was a really delicious trade for the peppers. They were just a little sweet and still had a bit of a crunch when bitten into. I will definitely do this again.

Did you swap anything this weekend? Do anything new? Just sit home and relax (I like those kind of weekends the most)?

Have a hilariously happy Monday lovelies. Until next time!


Life… A Spectator Sport?

Working for change, stepping outside the box, doing something different. Different. DIFFERENT. That word scares me. That word scares many people.

When you strive for something other than you have, be it health and fitness, education, promotion, whatever, there will be onlookers. People who will stand on the sidelines and just observe. They won’t interact, comment, or interfere but they are watching. Intently. And waiting for something to happen. Anything. Some of them are secretly rooting for you. Some are even hoping you succeed. Others are hoping that you do not succeed because in your failure they rejoice or they resolve not to attempt change themselves.

I had this epiphany yesterday morning (I started writing this yesterday) because I post and post on my Facebook fitness page just so I don’t overload my “friends” on my regular page with my fitness journey. (typing this I realize how screwed up this logic is).

But I have people who follow the page and sometimes click the like button, but majority of them do not interact. My success won’t be affected by the lack of interaction but I am screaming for accountability partners everywhere I go! Seriously. At work, at the grocery store, everywhere. I am determined to accomplish these goals. My determination may help someone on my way, and in turn maybe they’ll interact and encourage, comment and rejoice in triumph with me. I want us all to reach the top and we can whether it is individually or all together!

I guess it’s frustrating to know that some people aren’t ready for a change. I’m going to keep on trucking and make sure they know I’m here when they are ready.

Until next time lovelies!

Hello Monday!


This weekend was definitely something. A lot was accomplished, but some things were forgotten. Forgotten? Nah, in the case of my yoga workout from yesterday I would say it was more put off than forgotten. Not intentionally I had so much going on that I just never got to it. *sigh* I have to be honest, I could have done it when i got out of bed at 6:30 am. I could have done it before the many excursions out of the house that I made yesterday. I could have even done it when I got back home. However, between school shopping with/for my daughter, grocery shopping, going on a hunt for hair things with my friend, and painting my chair, I literally ran out of day and by the end I was exhausted.

(Obligatory chair shot; it needs one more coat to be perfect in my eyes.)


So getting back on topic, this is doubles weeks for my workout plan (The 21 Day Fix) and instead of being afraid of the challenge, I am going to do the doubles option. However, today I WILL also do my yoga from yesterday. So three! THREE workouts today. I can do this! 7 more days and I will have successfully completed my FIRST challenge. Then on to the next.

On another note, my eating was good over the weekend. I had Shakeology both days first thing in the morning (it helps to curb my cravings when I have it in the mornings).Temptation is always right in my face it seems. Especially when my friend’s daughter has a birthday gathering where I have to make an appearance, if for no other reason but to drop off my daughter. I walk into the kitchen at her house to multiple packs of cookies, cakes, pies, potato chips, homemade queso dip, tacos, the list goes on and on. I had to escape that. And I did with NO damage. As much as I wanted to grab an Oreo (if you know me then you are aware that milk likes Oreo’s about 10% less than I do), try the queso, and kick back with the teens I RAN. I went home and made shrimp tacos for my husband and myself and we enjoyed watching television together during our quite night at home. Crisis avoided, this time.

I kept telling myself that I am what I eat and I don’t want to be cookies and cakes that only temporarily satisfy, I want to be healthy and here for the long haul. I will say that I can’t WAIT until feel like I’ve come far enough to have a cheat meal every now and then. Until then I’ll be chowing down on clean foods as much as possible. I think that next week when I start Focus T25 I may have to reevaluate my eating. I think with the intensity of the cardio I’ll have to adjust from the 21 day fix containers. I’ll start with them and adjust if necessary.

How was your weekend? Did you have any challenges? Miss a workout? Add a workout? Miss a meal, have a cheat meal or day? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time lovelies


Push through.


Whew! Today was the cardio fix and boy thirty minutes of intensity that includes mountain climbers AND burpees is enough to make anyone want to tap out. Seriously.

I had a great night and even got up when my husband did at 4 today instead of sleeping until my usual 5. Workouts like this can definitely be a driving force and a deterrent at the same d$#/ time.

I got through it though. Worked it right on out, sweat was dripping, and at the end I was proud and tired which is a good combination in my eyes.

Last night dinner was turkey/ground beef burgers again at my husband’s insistence. For them I made sweet potato fries, for me oven roasted artichoke hearts.

I have got to get better at remembering to take pictures while I’m cooking. It usually slips my mind until the absolute last minute, like here where I only have a photo of the cooked artichokes. *shrug* They were delicious and if you’d like to make them I’ve included the recipe and a link to Cook For Your Life where I found it. I think they’ll be great on a salad.

Roasted Artichoke Hearts


Edited to add the recipe for the artichokes because of course I forgot!



Sometimes I need encouragement and a reminder. I am stronger than my excuses. I will achieve greatness. I will learn a lot along the way. No excuses can stop me!

Weigh in Wednesday (technically my weigh in day is Sunday but I’m obsessed right now, no lectures about fluctuation please) has me 9 lbs down since my start less than two weeks ago. Though I’m not a slave to the scale and eventually I’m going to have my husband hide it, a little push is good for me this early on. The funny thing is, had I been the same or gained I would still be happy because I know that I am building muscle in the process and muscle burns more calories.

Have a great Friday Eve lovelies!

I just don’t want to.




Not going to do it.

I’ll do it later.

That was me this morning. 5 am alarm going off. I’m still tired because I didn’t go to sleep until almost midnight. That tends to happen when my husband isn’t home. I get restless. Insomnia is my pal on those nights. Well insomnia and my dog Fanci. She is always right there with me when he isn’t home. My husband is in the Navy and yesterday was his duty day. He had to stay onboard the ship with the duty section so that everyone else could go home to their families. For those military wives out there, you know what I am talking about.

Well when I can’t sleep, naturally I don’t want to get up at my normal time in the morning. Nope. Don’t want to do it. AT ALL. I went back to sleep for 10 minutes. By then my dog wanted to go outside so she was nudging my face and shaking so the tags on her collar jingled together. Fanci, just 5 more minutes PLEASE. I turn on the television for background noise because I do intend to get up to workout but I just need a few more minutes with my eyes closed. Then I think to myself, if I go back to sleep and just get up at 6 I can feel more rested and I can just do my workout this evening. I hear Montel Willaims’ voice on the tv, then another very distinct voice. One I’ve heard every morning for the past couple of weeks. Telling me to keep it up, push through it, “you can do anything for 60 seconds”, Autumn Calabrese. My eyes flutter open and on the tv is the infomercial for 21 Day Fix. Fitting since that is the workout I am trying NOT to do right now, sleep sounds a lot better. I look at the clock and it is 5:18, sigh, get up Kaneka. Get up. Ok, Ok, Ok. I’m up.

This morning was a struggle. We all have those times when we just do not want to do it, do not want to work out, do not want to get up. I understand. It is a battle that I have often. Far too often if I am honest. Today I won that battle. I am victorious and I live to fight another day!

I got up, I did my Upper Fix, I made my breakfast, I started dinner (in the crockpot), I packed my lunch, I got showered and dressed and I headed out to work. I did it. It wasn’t easy or simple or even logical. But my workout for the day is done. I didn’t give in today. I didn’t allow myself to talk me out of doing what I have dedicated to do, for me. I need this. I needed that pep talk. I needed to be able to overcome my own “limitations”. And I did.

There is a different message on the chalkboard behind them for every workout. Today’s was “It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger”. I felt that and it empowered me to give it my all during my workout today. I am so glad that I got up and got it done.

It doesn't get easier You just get better

Do you have a story about how you got over a hump in your routine? Had to fight yourself to get your workout done? Didn’t succeed in that fight? I want to hear your story. I want to encourage you in your journey. Please share below.

Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY lovelies!!