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The “After” Myth

Can Anybody Hear Me?



It’s here.

In my first post, Before, 3 years ago, I said “I’m not to After yet, but I’m closer to After than to Before.”

I now weigh 117 – 120 pounds (depending on the day), and standing at 5-foot 6-inches, that measurement means that After is very, very here. But, before you congratulate me, dear readers…if I have any…and dear friends and family who I know follow this blog… I have to come clean with you: I don’t feel like I’m at After. I’m terrified of being at After. And, I don’t like that After is here.

After5 2

The tagline of my blog is “uncovering myself one pound at a time.” For most of this blog, I’ve spoken strongly about how my relationship with food and myself was what caused my weight struggles. I stand by that. The thing is, the symptoms have resolved faster than I’ve been able to…

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DIY Weightlifting Platform with Squat Stand Attached

Ohh good idea

Garage Gym Reviews

A weightlifting platform is something that is not needed. It takes up a lot of space, is very heavy, and can be somewhat costly. However, if you are practicing the olympic lifts I say without a doubt that it is an essential piece to your garage gym. I see it being similar to using a bearing barbell. If you’ve never used one, you don’t know what you’re missing. However, once you feel the soles of your weightlifting shoes pound onto the wooden platform during a split jerk, you can’t go back. Also, it deadens the sound of the barbell which is good for your neighbors or sleeping children. So I decided to make one of my own, and it’s been a wonderful addition to my garage.


She’s gorgeous

What You Will Need:


  • 4  4’x8′ 3/4″ Pieces of Cheap Plywood
  • 1 4’x8′ 3/4″ Piece of Quality Plywood (A/B or A/C…

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Minute Kitchen Episode 3: Black Bean Brownies with added protein!

Definitely making these this weekend!

Pieces In Progress

These brownies are the triple  threat: they’re filled with chocolatey deliciousness, get double the protein from both beans and protein powder, AND are a snap to make (confession: I usually just make them entirely in the blender haha). Oh and did you notice they’re gluten free too! It’s a great recipe for picky eaters or just anyone who wants a tasty treat that’s sneakily good for them too!

For the typed out instructions & directions check out my youtube page!
80 calories, 2g fat, 12 carbs, 5g protein

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Eat Delicious? or Look Delicious?

I love the title! This is a great recipe.

Strong not Skinny

I am entering my second full week of my fitness journey and I am already struggling. I think all women can relate to the intense chocolate cravings we sometimes get. Yesterday was a long day of work mixed with so many cravings. I find that after adding 3 days a week of strength training that my metabolism is higher and I am hungrier more often (see my previous posts.) To satisfy this hunger I tried a new recipe last night that I will share with you in this post. 

I made a margherita pizza in a squash. I originally found this recipe on Pinterest with ingredients only and tweaked it slightly. I also don’t use measurements for most spices. Especially garlic. Italians love their garlic. The original recipe called for fresh basil sprinkled as a garnish. I didn’t use it and it was great without it.

pizza in a squash Ingredients: 

  • 1 squash
  • Mozzarella…

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Sometimes I need encouragement and a reminder. I am stronger than my excuses. I will achieve greatness. I will learn a lot along the way. No excuses can stop me!

Weigh in Wednesday (technically my weigh in day is Sunday but I’m obsessed right now, no lectures about fluctuation please) has me 9 lbs down since my start less than two weeks ago. Though I’m not a slave to the scale and eventually I’m going to have my husband hide it, a little push is good for me this early on. The funny thing is, had I been the same or gained I would still be happy because I know that I am building muscle in the process and muscle burns more calories.

Have a great Friday Eve lovelies!

Well well well. We meet again.

The weekend is here. I tend to have the most difficulty following my fitness and meal plans on the weekends. It can be compared to torture in my mind. Willpower isn’t always strong enough to turn down that extra glass of wine or . Every situation I encounter have to take my time and think about my choices. Where’s the fun in that? Fun won’t get me to my goals though. That’s what I have to keep telling myself. Somehow it is working, for now.

I got up this morning and did my workout.  I’m on the beachbody 21 Day Fix and I intend to compete the program this time around. IN IT’S ENTIRETY. I have to. I just have to. Anyway today was the dirty 30 workout, I’m adding the 10- minute fix for abs as bonus. Though I can’t do every exercise without modifying, I can do some of them. And next week I’ll be able to do more. That’s my mantra for now. Next week I’ll do more. I’m getting stronger in body and mind.

I made a Facebook post on my personal fitness page (I need every means to stay accountable) about drinking Shakeology and not enjoying the Greenberry flavor very much. I figured that one day I would find a combination of ingredients that would help me enjoy this flavor. I love the chocolate and have mastered recipes for vanilla and strawberry that are delicious. Greenberry was plaguing me. Well today I did it. I figured it out! It wasn’t in what I put in it, it was the order in which I added the ingredients that mattered in this case.


Speckled banana (I read somewhere that speckled bananas are more nutrient dense plus they are sweeter), PB2, cinnamon, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, but not pictured are the 7 ice cubes, water, and the 1 purple of frozen fruit (mango, pineapple, papaya, strawberry) that I added last minute. Simple enough. I used the individual blender bottle and in it I placed the Shakeology, cinnamon, pb2, and banana with 8oz of the almond milk. Blended that for about 2 minutes. Then I dumped the contents into the large blender bottle, added the other fruit and 10 oz of water and blended that until smooth. I was a little nervous because I usually make the Greenberry in the small amount so I can chug it. It filled my Shakeology bottle.


I took a sip and it was creamy and I could taste the banana and cinnamon. It was good. Anyone who knows me understands that I am very picky particular when it comes to food. Textures and smells are huge to me. Before I couldn’t get the Greenberry to get rid of the grit, no matter what I did. But oh, on today, it is smooth sweet and delicious. I’ve found a way to make it that I can enjoy!

Yay for small victories!

Have a happy and healthy weekend.


P.S. I devoured it while I wrote this post. Yummy!