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Why do we wait for January 1 to change the things we don’t like about our behavior or habits? Resolve to change today and come January 1 it’ll be a habit. You can become a new you any day of the year, all it takes is realization and growth.

Have weight loss goals? Savings goal? Family goal? Why wait 2 months? Jump right in today. Start by making small changes. A snowball rolling downhill today is an avalanche tomorrow.


I started in July because I had to. My brother fell ill and at 35 and the issues he has are very scary. There are far too many hereditary diseases in my family to continue to let my health remain at risk. I have to be proactive if I don’t want to end up on medication for the rest of my life. The road is slow. I don’t always eat right, I don’t always do my workouts but I’m still here, still going. In my previous attempts I would have given up already. My resolution EVERYDAY is to keep going on my journey.

Happy Wednesday!




Well it is FRIDAY!!!! Yippee! Friday for me means DOUBLES DAY. I have been doing the Focus T25 workouts this week. Today is day 5, Friday, doubles day. Yup. I have to go home and do ANOTHER workout. This morning was Lower FOCUS. And boy oh boy, I need new legs. I am excited that tomorrow is a “day off”. I’m planning to go on a LONG walk through Great Dismal Swamp which is VERY close to my house. I’ll consider that active recovery and Sunday will actually be a rest day, WHEW a rest day. I haven’t had one of those in almost a month. 

I started a #giveit100 challenge with myself. If you haven’t heard of Give It 100 (I hadn’t until a few days ago) it is a really cool website where you decide to do something everyday for 100, 365, or unlimited days. I have seen some people teaching themselves to play instruments, learning a new language, learning how to do unsupported handstands, pushups, and fitness. Everyday you would post a video of you doing whatever you have decided to do for the 100 days. It takes the first 10 seconds of the video. I feel like this can be another layer of MY accountability to myself. If I don’t post there everyday then I haven’t fulfilled my goals to myself. Check it out here

This week has been successful in my fitness goals and my eating. I’m going to make these goals a reality and I am going to do everything in my power to get to a healthier me. 



It seems like every other day at work something is being celebrated. Which means an overabundance of CUPCAKES. Beautifully decorated and smelling delectable. I have worked very hard these past three weeks to abstain, and today is no different. No cupcake for me, even though I want one so badly. It is even more difficult to refrain when I am baking the wonderful treats in my own kitchen. So I haven’t done any baking and probably won’t until the holiday season rolls around. 

This doesn’t mean that I will never be able to enjoy sweets. It means that my goals are more important than that temporary satisfaction. My willpower is intact as this week closes. I have a few days left on the #21dayfix and I want to close it off with a bang! 

Happy Friday lovelies! I hope this weekends greets you with good feelings and good choices. 


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Life… A Spectator Sport?

Working for change, stepping outside the box, doing something different. Different. DIFFERENT. That word scares me. That word scares many people.

When you strive for something other than you have, be it health and fitness, education, promotion, whatever, there will be onlookers. People who will stand on the sidelines and just observe. They won’t interact, comment, or interfere but they are watching. Intently. And waiting for something to happen. Anything. Some of them are secretly rooting for you. Some are even hoping you succeed. Others are hoping that you do not succeed because in your failure they rejoice or they resolve not to attempt change themselves.

I had this epiphany yesterday morning (I started writing this yesterday) because I post and post on my Facebook fitness page just so I don’t overload my “friends” on my regular page with my fitness journey. (typing this I realize how screwed up this logic is).

But I have people who follow the page and sometimes click the like button, but majority of them do not interact. My success won’t be affected by the lack of interaction but I am screaming for accountability partners everywhere I go! Seriously. At work, at the grocery store, everywhere. I am determined to accomplish these goals. My determination may help someone on my way, and in turn maybe they’ll interact and encourage, comment and rejoice in triumph with me. I want us all to reach the top and we can whether it is individually or all together!

I guess it’s frustrating to know that some people aren’t ready for a change. I’m going to keep on trucking and make sure they know I’m here when they are ready.

Until next time lovelies!

Push through.


Whew! Today was the cardio fix and boy thirty minutes of intensity that includes mountain climbers AND burpees is enough to make anyone want to tap out. Seriously.

I had a great night and even got up when my husband did at 4 today instead of sleeping until my usual 5. Workouts like this can definitely be a driving force and a deterrent at the same d$#/ time.

I got through it though. Worked it right on out, sweat was dripping, and at the end I was proud and tired which is a good combination in my eyes.

Last night dinner was turkey/ground beef burgers again at my husband’s insistence. For them I made sweet potato fries, for me oven roasted artichoke hearts.

I have got to get better at remembering to take pictures while I’m cooking. It usually slips my mind until the absolute last minute, like here where I only have a photo of the cooked artichokes. *shrug* They were delicious and if you’d like to make them I’ve included the recipe and a link to Cook For Your Life where I found it. I think they’ll be great on a salad.

Roasted Artichoke Hearts


Edited to add the recipe for the artichokes because of course I forgot!

I just don’t want to.




Not going to do it.

I’ll do it later.

That was me this morning. 5 am alarm going off. I’m still tired because I didn’t go to sleep until almost midnight. That tends to happen when my husband isn’t home. I get restless. Insomnia is my pal on those nights. Well insomnia and my dog Fanci. She is always right there with me when he isn’t home. My husband is in the Navy and yesterday was his duty day. He had to stay onboard the ship with the duty section so that everyone else could go home to their families. For those military wives out there, you know what I am talking about.

Well when I can’t sleep, naturally I don’t want to get up at my normal time in the morning. Nope. Don’t want to do it. AT ALL. I went back to sleep for 10 minutes. By then my dog wanted to go outside so she was nudging my face and shaking so the tags on her collar jingled together. Fanci, just 5 more minutes PLEASE. I turn on the television for background noise because I do intend to get up to workout but I just need a few more minutes with my eyes closed. Then I think to myself, if I go back to sleep and just get up at 6 I can feel more rested and I can just do my workout this evening. I hear Montel Willaims’ voice on the tv, then another very distinct voice. One I’ve heard every morning for the past couple of weeks. Telling me to keep it up, push through it, “you can do anything for 60 seconds”, Autumn Calabrese. My eyes flutter open and on the tv is the infomercial for 21 Day Fix. Fitting since that is the workout I am trying NOT to do right now, sleep sounds a lot better. I look at the clock and it is 5:18, sigh, get up Kaneka. Get up. Ok, Ok, Ok. I’m up.

This morning was a struggle. We all have those times when we just do not want to do it, do not want to work out, do not want to get up. I understand. It is a battle that I have often. Far too often if I am honest. Today I won that battle. I am victorious and I live to fight another day!

I got up, I did my Upper Fix, I made my breakfast, I started dinner (in the crockpot), I packed my lunch, I got showered and dressed and I headed out to work. I did it. It wasn’t easy or simple or even logical. But my workout for the day is done. I didn’t give in today. I didn’t allow myself to talk me out of doing what I have dedicated to do, for me. I need this. I needed that pep talk. I needed to be able to overcome my own “limitations”. And I did.

There is a different message on the chalkboard behind them for every workout. Today’s was “It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger”. I felt that and it empowered me to give it my all during my workout today. I am so glad that I got up and got it done.

It doesn't get easier You just get better

Do you have a story about how you got over a hump in your routine? Had to fight yourself to get your workout done? Didn’t succeed in that fight? I want to hear your story. I want to encourage you in your journey. Please share below.

Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY lovelies!!





S.M.A.R.T. This acronym means different things depending on who you speak with. What I need it to mean is:

Specific (Significant, sustainable)

Measurable (Meaningful, manageable)

Attainable (Achievable, actionable)

Realistic (Relevant, reasonable)

Time-Bound (Trackable, tangible)

The more I think about my previous failures attempts at this fitness journey, the more I realize that although I did set GOALS I didn’t make them SMART. They were flimsy and they were easily discarded as evidenced by my countless restarts. Looking back I realize that those attempts were feeble at best and if I am completely honest I seem to have always avoided thinking about my SPECIFIC goals. Losing weight is one thing. Yeah, so I want to lose weight. So do most other people in this country. How much? By when? How will I do it? Why will I stick to it? How much? By when? 

I think I avoided asking these questions because some part of me knew that I wasn’t as serious as I tried to convince myself I was. Well, except that one time. That time I actively used My Fitness Pal to track my meals and worked out twice a week with an awesome trainer and lost close to 50 lbs over 8 months only to slowly rapidly and steadily gain it back after I moved. But even then I didn’t have any trackable goals. Zero. Of course I had a goal weight. A weight that I just thought up and decided to be content with. Don’t we all? Of course we do. I didn’t have those little steps that I could use to boost my enthusiasm and excitement along the way. The process of being able to mark something off as an accomplishment is rejuvenating and helps keep people focused on the long term.

Well not this time. Nope, I will not allow my fear of failure keep me from succeeding. Fear guided my actions and kept me in a place of comfort which was really discomfort masked by yummy, sugary treats and alcoholic beverages that numbed the ache of discontent with my body image. Fear was a security blanket in the form of Spanx, Body Magic, and waist trainer/cinchers that gave a false sense of progress. False hope and false motivation are tools that I used to justify that one more cookie, that extra glass of wine, that take out meal. Fear will not hold me this time. I am ready to shed this cloak, leave behind this facade, and march forth into my future. 

What does S.M.A.R.T mean to you?

Short Term Goals

Goal 1: Stick to my workout/eating plan for the entire recommended time. For 21 day fix that is ONLY 21 days. Three weeks. I can do it. 

Goal 2: Drink Shakeology in the place of one meal EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Goal 3: Follow the eating plan strictly to achieve maximum results. 

Goal 4: Lose 6 lbs between the start of the plan and the end of it. Starting weight was 256.4 on Monday July 28, 2014.

Goal 5: Post to my blog (right here) at least 3 times per week and remain active on my Facebook like page and in my Challenge Group. 

Long Term Goals

Goal 1: Sign up as Beachbody coach and order the new Showcase Challenge Pack before three weeks of 21 day fix are over (I want to do Focus T25 next and that is included in the pack along with P90X3 and 21 Day Fix which I have but *shrug*). Plus as a military spouse my monthly fee is waived so I will maximize that 25% discount on my Shakeology.

Goal 2: Start Focus T25 upon successfully completing 21 Day Fix. Then STICK WITH IT FOR THE ENTIRE 60 DAYS.

Goal 3: Achieve a weight loss of 30lbs by Christmas 2014.

Goal 4: Maintain healthy eating habits

Goal 5: Continue to remind myself that I am capable of this, I can get to my goal, and that I deserve to succeed. 

As I type this I consider NOT posting. I consider saving it as a draft only to trash it in the morning. These late night musings of me all hopped up on Unisom because I have been suffering from chronic insomnia. 10:25 pm has crept up and my eyes are getting so heavy it is hard to stay focused on the topic. I will save for now, but I will not chicken out. I will proofread and post this in the morning. I MUST. If I don’t then who am I trying to fool except myself? I refuse to lie to myself again. 

I will finish this.

Have a great night.


Give yourself

Good morning lovelies!!!

Saw this photo today and it gave me encouragement. A completely random internet search brought me to this, but it hit home and helped to reinforce my inner voice.

Fitness, Christmas, workout
A Better You

Things like this just reinvigorate my fire and determination to succeed this time. Come Christmas I will be proud of my accomplishments and continuing on my journey! I will! I will! I will and so can you!


I will make it through this program, I will encourage others around me facing the same journey. I will succeed in this and continue a healthy lifestyle once I get to my weight loss goal.


Journey to GOOD HABITS!!!

Have a great Thursday, or as I like to call it FRIDAY EVE!


Workout today was 21 Day Fix (day 4) Pilates Fix, completed at 5:30am.

Drank Chocolate Shakeology with banana, PB2, and peppermint extract afterward.

Here I go

Well here I am.

Here I am.

I am.

10 years ago I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be where I am today. Not in my career, not in my family life, and definitely not in my fitness life. Coming from where I did, many people don’t get out, don’t finish college, don’t achieve ANY of their original dreams. I am pleased with what I have done in most areas of my life. But fitness… That is another story altogether.

Let me be clear. I haven’t been thin or considered skinny since I had my daughter almost 17 years ago. I was always a bit overweight, but for a long time I was still fit and athletic. The military definitely helped me with that. 

Here I am three years after leaving the service. Only three years ago I was able to run, jump, and do many other things. Even with my knee issues. Today I am a little ashamed of where I have allowed myself to go. A little? Correction, I am EXTREMELY ashamed of how I have let my fitness go by the wayside. Three years and almost 60lbs after leaving the Navy and I am fed up. Fed up with having to start over. Fed up with not following through. Fed up with giving up. I must change this.

I have tried so many things. Diets, workout plans, supplements, etc. I have tried it all and I have not stuck with any of them. I can’t blame the workouts, the supplements, or the diets because it is my fault. I am the only one to blame and subsequently I am the only one who can change this. I have to change this. 

I won’t say that this starts today because I have “started” so many times. I rededicated myself to my goals over the weekend, and now I will take it one day at a time to achieve them, one by one. 

A few months ago I was in a 21 Day Fix Challenge group and for the first two weeks I was following the plan, eating right, doing the workouts, and then in crept all of the excuses. You know the ones we all resort to when we want to convince ourselves that we can have that cookie, or we can skip today’s workout because we’ll do it tomorrow with the one we have to do then too. I kind of finished one round, but the last week I definitely didn’t give it my all my eating was definitely out of control. I must admit that to myself in order to make better choices and get to where I want to be. The next week I kind of halfway started my second round but that barely lasted a week. I ran into some issues with my health that slowed my progress. My energy was low and I wasn’t operating at 100% (low blood iron anemia is something I’ve dealt with all of my life). Instead of pushing through and at least trying to do SOMETHING, I let that excuse sit me down. AGAIN.




I don’t want to use that word in reference to my fitness life ending or starting over. I can’t let this cycle continue. I won’t allow myself to end up in a situation where I have serious health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. These are all hereditary and with my family history I am at high risk of developing them. I want to be in the best health possible so IF it happens then it was truly out of my control. My control. That phrase is pretty big to me. I am, well, others might call me a bit of a control freak. I do find it difficult to relinquish control of MOST things. 

I am so afraid to be exposed but this is how I have to do it in order to remain accountable to my goals. Speaking of being afraid… Those before pictures that most people expect when they are following someone on their fitness journey, you know the ones no shirt on, sports bra, bare belly out, back fat, everything I try so hard to hide from the world. I am not totally sure that I have the courage to post them. I do not fear much (spiders tops that list, followed closely by bumblebees because I have an allergy), but to bare all to the world wide web definitely makes it on that list. No. Doubt. About. It.

So I will do some contemplating and some praying, then I’ll pray some more and MAYBE I’ll post them. If nothing else I will post starting pics WITH shirt so that I don’t feel so exposed. I guarantee you that I have the shirtless ones and was even courageous enough to post them in my challenge group on FaceBook. Whether they make the cut here is still up in the air. If they don’t I’ll hold on to them so I can do comparisons as I travel on this journey, and yes then I’ll post them. 

As of Monday July 28, 2014 I hit reset on my 21 Day Fix program. It is offered by BeachBody (No I am not affiliated with beachbody in any way although I am contemplating joining as a coach so I can get that discount on my Shakeology though), and I actually ENJOY the workouts. I love that the meal plan is so detailed and offers options. I’ve actually been drinking their superfood packed shake Shakeology since my first failed attempts at successfully completing this program. I love the taste and the energy that they give me. It is easy for me to get all of my fruits in with the shake too, I just put all of them in so it is more of a skakeo-smoothie. *shrugs* whatever works right? So here I go. Wish me luck.

Thank you for reading this.

Until next time.