Tuesday Tanka

 Happy Tuesday!!!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing challenge, Full Tanka, I am going to recap my holiday weekend in tanka! 

Labor Day weekend.

Potato salad and cake

Cheesy dip and ribs.

Birthday party for nephew

Also a workout or two. 

The structure of tanka is that of a haiku followed by two additional lines of seven syllables each: 5-7-5-7-7.

Hope this TUESDAY finds you in great health and amazing mood! 

Have a wonderful day Lovelies!



What a week!

And just like that it is Thursday. 


I guess I have been so consumed with ensuring that I post my videos on my Give it 100 page that I haven’t finished a thought on my blog on the day I intended to. I have started so many drafts this week it is amazing. 

For now I’d like to touch on consistency. I tend to lack consistency in some aspects of my life. I start 1000 projects at the same time with fervor that dies down ever so slowly until it comes to a point where I wonder if I’ll ever finish them. Case in point, remember that chair I told you about? Well my chair is still sitting in my garage unfinished. I take on so much and end up overwhelmed by the tasks that I decide to do, then I fizzle and burn out. My steam only lasts so long. 

Well this time I will NOT allow my fire to dim. I will continue to push through this fitness journey and I will be victorious in the end. That is one of the reasons for this blog right. For me to keep my accountability and focus on being consistent. Well I got it. I’m giving it my all and I’m even going to finish that chair this weekend. Yup. I’ll post about it Monday!

Have a great Thursday Lovelies


I have become… THE FOOD POLICE!!!


Dramatic… Yeah it is. But I had that thought this morning. Let me backtrack a bit. One of my co-workers did a clean eating challenge with me a few weeks ago. She has also asked me to be her accountability partner in her journey. A title that I take seriously.



So I ask questions about what she ate over the weekend. Whether or not she packed her lunch. What she brought for a snack. I try to steer her away from the endless train of cupcakes that enter our office weekly. Hey she asked right? So I obliged.

But sometimes I feel like I am the food police. Just a little. Well maybe not as much once I think about it. I don’t tell her what not to do, I don’t tell her what she can or can’t eat. I will be that voice that helps sway her away from making choices that aren’t in line with her goals. I will ask if that cupcake will help her get to where she wants to be. 

So I guess being the food police isn’t an awful thing at all. It is my way of helping out and in turn those who I help also help me remain accountable. 


How do you remain accountable? Do you have friends or family members who will step in and help out when you feel like you need a push?

Have a great Tuesday Lovelies!




Well it is FRIDAY!!!! Yippee! Friday for me means DOUBLES DAY. I have been doing the Focus T25 workouts this week. Today is day 5, Friday, doubles day. Yup. I have to go home and do ANOTHER workout. This morning was Lower FOCUS. And boy oh boy, I need new legs. I am excited that tomorrow is a “day off”. I’m planning to go on a LONG walk through Great Dismal Swamp which is VERY close to my house. I’ll consider that active recovery and Sunday will actually be a rest day, WHEW a rest day. I haven’t had one of those in almost a month. 

I started a #giveit100 challenge with myself. If you haven’t heard of Give It 100 (I hadn’t until a few days ago) it is a really cool website where you decide to do something everyday for 100, 365, or unlimited days. I have seen some people teaching themselves to play instruments, learning a new language, learning how to do unsupported handstands, pushups, and fitness. Everyday you would post a video of you doing whatever you have decided to do for the 100 days. It takes the first 10 seconds of the video. I feel like this can be another layer of MY accountability to myself. If I don’t post there everyday then I haven’t fulfilled my goals to myself. Check it out here

This week has been successful in my fitness goals and my eating. I’m going to make these goals a reality and I am going to do everything in my power to get to a healthier me. 

Minute Kitchen Episode 3: Black Bean Brownies with added protein!

Definitely making these this weekend!

Pieces In Progress

These brownies are the triple  threat: they’re filled with chocolatey deliciousness, get double the protein from both beans and protein powder, AND are a snap to make (confession: I usually just make them entirely in the blender haha). Oh and did you notice they’re gluten free too! It’s a great recipe for picky eaters or just anyone who wants a tasty treat that’s sneakily good for them too!

For the typed out instructions & directions check out my youtube page!
80 calories, 2g fat, 12 carbs, 5g protein

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Well there I am. My 10 year old self, filled with dreams and goals. Of course over the years they changed and I’ve grown into the person I am today, but the ideas that she had still live in me.

We grow up and sometimes feel like we aren’t who we used to be. I feel that we are who we were just another version. Any changes made doesn’t make you someone new, it makes you different yet the same.

Well I meant to…

I didn’t post my challenge results. *sigh* after starting Focus T25 yesterday morning (after I took my measurements, comparison photo, and weight) I had to recuperate for a loooonog while before I got ready for work. Which meant that I was rushing in the end and it just dawned on me that I didn’t post.

Whoops! Well here it goes.


Total 21 Day Fix loss is 12lbs and 9 inches overall.

I think that deserves a pat on the back.

Keep on pushing lovelies! We can do this.


The weekend…

Cheers to it. I try to enjoy mine to the fullest and this weekend was no different.

Friday I decided to try something that I had seen (and pinned on Pinterest) countless times. Sweet Pepper Nachos… Most recently I saw them here on Sam’s blog, (Strong not Skinny), and vowed to try them soon.

SO here is my process. Note the black olives that I forgot to use when it came down to making my plate. I used about a bag and a half of the peppers but only ate about half of that. My daughter came in and finished the rest off, both the chips and the peppers. Guess marching band camp is super intense and creates savage hunger.


I started with chicken breast tenderloin and a little coconut oil in the pan.


While those were browning I cleaned and split my sweet peppers.


About this time I almost gave up. Good grief it seemed like it took FOREVER.


I kept going and got the chicken cooked too. Then I put in the chicken into my KitchenAid mini food processor. I wanted to create more of a ground texture than a shredded texture to the meat.


It came out all nice and “ground” lol.


I added some taco seasonings and some Tapatio. Then I went to work on the hubby’s scoops,


and my peppers.


Halfway through this I almost gave up again. I feel like I’m far too meticulous when it comes to cooking sometimes. The “ground” chicken had to be placed perfectly inside each pepper half.

         wpid-20140815_203228.jpg wpid-20140815_203225.jpg

I sprinkled each set of nachos with a little cheese and baked for about 15 minutes.

Then I arranged a little more than half the peppers on the plate, topped them with a generous portion of shredded lettuce, some pico de gallo, some low fat sour cream and went to town! The hubbs got the same on top of his scoops, in addition to jalapenos.

It was a really delicious trade for the peppers. They were just a little sweet and still had a bit of a crunch when bitten into. I will definitely do this again.

Did you swap anything this weekend? Do anything new? Just sit home and relax (I like those kind of weekends the most)?

Have a hilariously happy Monday lovelies. Until next time!


Eat Delicious? or Look Delicious?

I love the title! This is a great recipe.

Strong not Skinny

I am entering my second full week of my fitness journey and I am already struggling. I think all women can relate to the intense chocolate cravings we sometimes get. Yesterday was a long day of work mixed with so many cravings. I find that after adding 3 days a week of strength training that my metabolism is higher and I am hungrier more often (see my previous posts.) To satisfy this hunger I tried a new recipe last night that I will share with you in this post. 

I made a margherita pizza in a squash. I originally found this recipe on Pinterest with ingredients only and tweaked it slightly. I also don’t use measurements for most spices. Especially garlic. Italians love their garlic. The original recipe called for fresh basil sprinkled as a garnish. I didn’t use it and it was great without it.

pizza in a squash Ingredients: 

  • 1 squash
  • Mozzarella…

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It seems like every other day at work something is being celebrated. Which means an overabundance of CUPCAKES. Beautifully decorated and smelling delectable. I have worked very hard these past three weeks to abstain, and today is no different. No cupcake for me, even though I want one so badly. It is even more difficult to refrain when I am baking the wonderful treats in my own kitchen. So I haven’t done any baking and probably won’t until the holiday season rolls around. 

This doesn’t mean that I will never be able to enjoy sweets. It means that my goals are more important than that temporary satisfaction. My willpower is intact as this week closes. I have a few days left on the #21dayfix and I want to close it off with a bang! 

Happy Friday lovelies! I hope this weekends greets you with good feelings and good choices. 


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