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Progress and Release


Well there it is. For the world to see. The top photo is from August 18, the day I started doing the Focus T25 workouts. I have had many trials through the program including redoing week 4 because I had a death in the family and had to travel to Ohio. But here I am 11 weeks later in the bottom photo taken this morning. Alpha and Beta complete, Gamma started today. My goals are more important today than ever before. Stronger, slimmer, and more confident. I was so hesitant to post this ANYWHERE online. Even my “closed”, “secret” Facebook groups. I felt afraid of judgement and ashamed of my body. Then I realized that I have absolutely NOTHING to feel that way for. I have made mistakes. I have fallen. I have failed. But I have also gotten back up, risen, and conquered the many things that I allowed to hold me back. This should be a moment that I take to feel great about myself and my progress. We all start somewhere. We all have a journey. Here is part of mine so that it might help to inspire or motivate, or give hope to someone else who is out there thinking about doing something to change themselves and wondering will they succeed. Will they make it? Will they fail? The first step is usually the most difficult. This was my first step to total transparency. I pray that it inspires someone, helps someone, motivates someone.

Have a great day!




I have been absent. Not from life or even social media, but from my blog. This is no way to treat my readers and no way to utilize this blog as I intended to. How am I accountable if I’m absent? Well i could argue that I still post in my Facebook like page almost daily, I am active in my fitness groups, I post on Instagram, but that isn’t my blog. The place where I came to empty my feelings and frustrations. The place where I can ramble without a care.

Well I’m back. I’m taking The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 course over the next few weeks and I’ll be updating my blog in the process. I am returning to 3-4 posts a week, and continuous updates on my fitness journey.

What a week!

And just like that it is Thursday. 


I guess I have been so consumed with ensuring that I post my videos on my Give it 100 page that I haven’t finished a thought on my blog on the day I intended to. I have started so many drafts this week it is amazing. 

For now I’d like to touch on consistency. I tend to lack consistency in some aspects of my life. I start 1000 projects at the same time with fervor that dies down ever so slowly until it comes to a point where I wonder if I’ll ever finish them. Case in point, remember that chair I told you about? Well my chair is still sitting in my garage unfinished. I take on so much and end up overwhelmed by the tasks that I decide to do, then I fizzle and burn out. My steam only lasts so long. 

Well this time I will NOT allow my fire to dim. I will continue to push through this fitness journey and I will be victorious in the end. That is one of the reasons for this blog right. For me to keep my accountability and focus on being consistent. Well I got it. I’m giving it my all and I’m even going to finish that chair this weekend. Yup. I’ll post about it Monday!

Have a great Thursday Lovelies