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Getting back on

Well. I’ve traveled to my birthplace and spent some much needed time with my family as we dealt with the loss of my uncle. I wasn’t strict with my eating, at all. To be honest I ate and drank whatever was around. I didn’t binge, but I didn’t choose my meals as I have been. For a split second I felt a little guilty for not being disciplined in my eating. Then I remembered that I really shouldn’t focus on that. I was dealing with a lot while trying to help my cousin deal as well. It was a very emotionally stressful time and sometimes not limiting choices helps the coping process (or at least it does in my head).

I’m back to reality and will not let that lackadaisical approach to my nutrition continue. Packed my lunch today, worked out this morning, and intend to do another T25 workout this evening just for good measure. Death is difficult to deal with, and it can be a catalyst to get you off track. I lost a little footing toward the end of last week, but I’ve regained it and I’m going to keep on trekking!

How do you cope with things that trigger your emotional eating?

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!






S.M.A.R.T. This acronym means different things depending on who you speak with. What I need it to mean is:

Specific (Significant, sustainable)

Measurable (Meaningful, manageable)

Attainable (Achievable, actionable)

Realistic (Relevant, reasonable)

Time-Bound (Trackable, tangible)

The more I think about my previous failures attempts at this fitness journey, the more I realize that although I did set GOALS I didn’t make them SMART. They were flimsy and they were easily discarded as evidenced by my countless restarts. Looking back I realize that those attempts were feeble at best and if I am completely honest I seem to have always avoided thinking about my SPECIFIC goals. Losing weight is one thing. Yeah, so I want to lose weight. So do most other people in this country. How much? By when? How will I do it? Why will I stick to it? How much? By when? 

I think I avoided asking these questions because some part of me knew that I wasn’t as serious as I tried to convince myself I was. Well, except that one time. That time I actively used My Fitness Pal to track my meals and worked out twice a week with an awesome trainer and lost close to 50 lbs over 8 months only to slowly rapidly and steadily gain it back after I moved. But even then I didn’t have any trackable goals. Zero. Of course I had a goal weight. A weight that I just thought up and decided to be content with. Don’t we all? Of course we do. I didn’t have those little steps that I could use to boost my enthusiasm and excitement along the way. The process of being able to mark something off as an accomplishment is rejuvenating and helps keep people focused on the long term.

Well not this time. Nope, I will not allow my fear of failure keep me from succeeding. Fear guided my actions and kept me in a place of comfort which was really discomfort masked by yummy, sugary treats and alcoholic beverages that numbed the ache of discontent with my body image. Fear was a security blanket in the form of Spanx, Body Magic, and waist trainer/cinchers that gave a false sense of progress. False hope and false motivation are tools that I used to justify that one more cookie, that extra glass of wine, that take out meal. Fear will not hold me this time. I am ready to shed this cloak, leave behind this facade, and march forth into my future. 

What does S.M.A.R.T mean to you?

Short Term Goals

Goal 1: Stick to my workout/eating plan for the entire recommended time. For 21 day fix that is ONLY 21 days. Three weeks. I can do it. 

Goal 2: Drink Shakeology in the place of one meal EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Goal 3: Follow the eating plan strictly to achieve maximum results. 

Goal 4: Lose 6 lbs between the start of the plan and the end of it. Starting weight was 256.4 on Monday July 28, 2014.

Goal 5: Post to my blog (right here) at least 3 times per week and remain active on my Facebook like page and in my Challenge Group. 

Long Term Goals

Goal 1: Sign up as Beachbody coach and order the new Showcase Challenge Pack before three weeks of 21 day fix are over (I want to do Focus T25 next and that is included in the pack along with P90X3 and 21 Day Fix which I have but *shrug*). Plus as a military spouse my monthly fee is waived so I will maximize that 25% discount on my Shakeology.

Goal 2: Start Focus T25 upon successfully completing 21 Day Fix. Then STICK WITH IT FOR THE ENTIRE 60 DAYS.

Goal 3: Achieve a weight loss of 30lbs by Christmas 2014.

Goal 4: Maintain healthy eating habits

Goal 5: Continue to remind myself that I am capable of this, I can get to my goal, and that I deserve to succeed. 

As I type this I consider NOT posting. I consider saving it as a draft only to trash it in the morning. These late night musings of me all hopped up on Unisom because I have been suffering from chronic insomnia. 10:25 pm has crept up and my eyes are getting so heavy it is hard to stay focused on the topic. I will save for now, but I will not chicken out. I will proofread and post this in the morning. I MUST. If I don’t then who am I trying to fool except myself? I refuse to lie to myself again. 

I will finish this.

Have a great night.